Creating a Web-Free Environment in Your Home

Spider Control Solutions

Spider Control Solutions

Enhancing Comfort and Protecting Your Property

Key Benefits of Professional Spider Control

✔️ Reduces Spider Populations Effectively: Professional spider control helps significantly decrease the number of spiders in your home. Our experts use specialized techniques and products that are more effective than over-the-counter solutions, targeting spiders at both the adult and egg stages to ensure comprehensive control.

✔️ Minimizes Health Risks: Some spider species can be venomous and pose health risks to you and your family, including the risk of allergic reactions. Professional control mitigates these risks by safely and effectively removing spiders and preventing future infestations.

✔️ Prevents Web Build-Up: Spiders can create unsightly webs that detract from your home’s appearance. Regular professional treatments help keep these web-build-ups under control, ensuring your home remains clean and visually appealing.

✔️ Offers Peace of Mind: Knowing your home is free from spiders provides immense peace of mind. Professional pest control not only removes existing spiders but also deters new ones from entering, allowing you to enjoy your space without worry.

✔️ Tailored Treatment Plans: Every home is different, and spider challenges can vary greatly depending on several factors, including location and surrounding environment. Guardian Pest & Termite assesses your specific situation to create a customized treatment plan. This personalized approach ensures the most effective solutions are implemented, providing long-term protection against spiders.

Strategic Approach to Comprehensive Spider Control

Our Four-Step Process for Effective Spider Management

Spider Control

Step 1: Perimeter Barrier Application

Creating a Defensive Boundary

Our process begins with the application of a perimeter spray around the entire outside of your house. This treatment extends 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the foundation, creating a robust barrier that prevents new spiders from entering your home or climbing the exterior walls. This initial barrier is crucial for stopping spiders before they can become a problem inside.

Spider Removal

Step 2: Nest Removal and Repellant Application

Manual Removal of Spider Habitats

Next, our technicians use a specialized brush head to manually remove spider webs and nesting sites up to 25 feet high. This brush is coated with a dust repellent that not only clears existing webs but also helps reduce future spider activity. This physical removal complements the chemical barriers by eliminating potential breeding grounds.

Spider Infestation

Step 3: Targeted Liquid Treatments

Focused Application for Vulnerable Areas

Where conditions allow, we may apply a liquid spray directly to the first-story soffits of your home. This targeted approach addresses areas where spiders are likely to enter or build webs. Note that this treatment is weather-dependent and tailored to the specific architecture of your home to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Spider Control Service

Step 4: Interior Spider Control

Inside Treatment and Monitoring

For any spiders that have made it inside, we offer several treatment options based on your home’s needs. These include placing glue boards in strategic locations, performing wall void flush out treatments, and applying interior liquid sprays. Each method targets spiders where they hide, ensuring comprehensive control. The entire process is backed by a 30-day guarantee to provide continued protection and peace of mind.

Note: Our general spider treatment does not include brown recluse spiders; a specific inspection is required for this species due to their unique dangers and treatment requirements

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