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Enhancing Comfort and Protecting Your Property

Critical Advantages of Professional Tick Control

✔️ Enhances Outdoor Safety: Professional tick control significantly minimizes the presence of ticks in your yard, making outdoor activities safer and more enjoyable without the worry of tick bites.

✔️ Protects Against Health Risks: Ticks are known carriers of diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. By effectively managing tick populations, professional services help safeguard your family's health.

✔️ Prevents Tick Infestations: Through targeted treatments, professional tick control is crucial in detecting and reducing tick populations early, preventing their spread and infestation around your home.

✔️ Offers Peace of Mind: Knowing that your property is actively managed to keep ticks at bay provides significant peace of mind, especially during the active months when ticks are most prevalent.

✔️ Tailored Treatment Strategies: Guardian Pest & Termite specializes in assessing the unique environmental factors of your property to create customized tick control plans, ensuring effective and long-lasting protection.

Strategic Approach to Eliminating Ticks

The Guardian Four-Step Tick Control Process

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Step 1: Thorough Property Inspection

Identifying Risks and Infestations

Our technicians start with a thorough inspection of your property, focusing on areas like mulch beds, flower gardens, and other tick-prone areas. This initial step is crucial for identifying the specific challenges and tick habitats on your property, setting the stage for a targeted tick control plan.

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Step 2: Tailored Control Strategy

Custom Plans for Comprehensive Protection

Based on the findings of the property inspection, we develop a tailored tick control strategy. This includes the strategic placement of granular baits in tick-active areas to directly target the tick population at its source. Our approach is designed to provide both immediate and long-term relief, ensuring thorough coverage and protection.

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Step 3: Implementation with Precision

Effective Application for Immediate Relief

Following the strategy, our technicians apply a robust perimeter spray around the home, extending three feet up and at least three feet out. This treatment creates a strong barrier against ticks, deterring them from entering your living spaces. Additionally, specialized treatments like liquid/gel or dust-based applications are used in cracks and crevices to address any hidden infestations.

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Step 4: Continuous Monitoring and Support

Ensuring Long-Term Protection and Prevention

Post-treatment, Guardian Pest & Termite doesn't just walk away. We engage in continuous monitoring of your property to detect any resurgence of tick activity. Regular follow-ups are conducted within the 30-day guarantee period to ensure the effectiveness of our treatments and to make any necessary adjustments. Our ongoing support and advice help you maintain a tick-free environment, safeguarding your family and pets from potential tick-borne diseases.

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